To be eligible for a payment, the following must apply:

  • There must be high voltage apparatus and/or power lines on or crossing your property/garden/land. This can be lines only passing overhead, wooden poles of various types as well as pylons.
  • You must be the current property/land owner and not a tenant.
  • The payment available must not have been paid to a previous owner of the property as it is a one-time payment (we will check this as part of the process)

How much will I receive?

For lines supported by wooden poles, the payment rates are around 1% to 2% of the value of your property for a permanent easement settlement or a few hundred pounds for a one off wayleave settlement but the final amount will be dependent upon a number of factors.

For lines attached to pylons, the payment rates can be significantly greater but again will be affected by a number of other contributory factors.

What exactly is the payment for?

It is very often the case that no formal rights exist allowing the electricity company’s apparatus or lines to cross your property or land. What should be in place to document this correctly is known as a Wayleave or Easement. The electricity companies across the UK are all attending to this issue (and have been for a number of years now) by offering affected property owners a one off payment partly in return for a Deed of Permanent Easement or a fixed term Wayleave and partly in recognition of the general negative impact of their apparatus on your property value. This is not a matter of litigation as the electricity companies want and need to update their rights of passage correctly for every property in the UK.

If there is a Wayleave currently in place it is highly likely that it will not fully reflect your actual circumstances as it is likely to date from several years ago and as such we will still be able to secure a lump sum payment for you.

Many thanks for your assistance. The money arrived in the bank today as promised. You have done just what it said on the can.Robin Pickard, Western Power Claim

The approach was very professional and the result was very rewarding. Very happy.Mr Grant, Devon

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