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Are you entitled to a payment?

The electricity company are obliged by law to have an agreement in place to enable them to have their electrical equipment on your property/land. This includes wooden poles, wooden or metal stays and even a right to allow overhead and/or underground electricity lines to cross your land. This agreement is called a Wayleave (which is simply like a lease).

Many of these agreements between home owners and electricity companies do not exist or have been lost, as over time records have not been updated, people have moved house or simply that the electricity company have neglected to contact homeowners etc. It’s possible that there is an agreement in place, in this case the agreement may need updating which we can assist you with.

Once an agreement (wayleave) is in place the electricity company will pay you as the homeowner one of the following: – An small annual rent or a capital sum in return for a longer Agreement.

The Process

  • We meet you at your home

    Following a short meeting (if required) with our surveyor at your home we will ask you to sign an “Authority to Act” on your behalf.

  • Next we prepare your documents

    Next, we gain confirmation via land registry records that you own the property affected, we then produce a plan of your property showing the electricity apparatus.

  • Your claim is submitted

    We then submit your claim file for processing to the power company. The processing of your claim will take several months.

  • Wayleave is awarded to you

    Payment is made to you from the power company to an account of your choice. Please note that this payment may take several months.

Low Voltage FAQs

  • How is PCC able to offer this service free of cost?

    We at PCC Low Voltage do not charge homeowners any fees.
    No Fee is payable by the homeowner. PCC Low Voltage receives a surveyor’s fee from the Electricity Company for the preparation of plans and information relating to the grant of wayleave. Please note that our surveyor’s fee is not deducted from the payment you receive from the power company.

  • Why is the electricity company paying a capital sum?

    Obviously there is significant time and expense in sorting out payments on yearly agreements so it is better in many cases for them to deal with it for a term to avoid this. There is no requirement however to take a term deal.

  • What happens if I sell the house?

    The Agreement is a personal agreement with you. If you sell the property the agreement is cancelled and the new owner is free to do as they wish going forward. NO monies are owed back to the electricity company irrespective of how long the agreement has been in force.

Just a note to say thank you very much for acting on our behalf to obtain this payment from Western Power. Without your initial contact we would never have known a claim was possible. A very professional service from start to finish, thank you.Eileen & Christopher Bargery, Western Power Claim

It all seemed very satisfactory and went through very smoothly. It is a lengthy process but the end result was definitely worth it. I even recommended PCC to a customer of mine as they have power lines crossing their property and explained what they do and they now also have a claim in progress.Mr Waterfield, Shropshire

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